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Just by the beach and Turning Torso you find Malmö Wake Park.


This page is a brief summary of the information on this website in swedish.


Map to where we are located can be found here.

Our opening hours can be found in the calender on this page. They vary, so please check before you head down.


To book your ride in advance, click HERE



If you have any questions or wish to make a groupbooking or a wakecourse, don't hesitate to email us at


Please be here 15 minutes before your ride!

Welcome to Malmö Wake Park!
Prices - single ride


(up to 16 years old)



190 kr


1650 kr

Single ride



230 kr


1950 kr

Price per person and incl. tax

650kr for 1 person
950 kr for 2 persons


If you are one person:

15 min. introduktion

30 min. on the water


If you are two persons:

15 min. introduction

45 min. on the water

Prices - Wake course
A private lesson
Prices - Groups

Price incl. tax

Prices - seasoncard
(valid 12 months)

Please email us at for more information regarding the seasoncard.


Please also note that the boards provided by the park are for beginners. Once you start to progress your riding we strongly encourage you to buy your own equipment. We have a collaboration with if you wish to buy your gear through them.


4950 kr


(upp to 16 years old)

3950 kr


Own equipment* 

 10% discount !!

Price per person and incl. tax

* wakeboard, wakeboardboots, wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket

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